About Valley Distributing

About Valley Distributing

Beginning in 1974, Valley Distributing entered the world of food distribution. Early on the primary focus of Valley Distributing was that of the Pizza and Italian style restaurant market with a continued understanding that our industry will be continuously changing and this change will and does dictate our operations leading us into an expanded food distribution environment. In 2004, Valley Distributing was purchased by the Eric and Ted Fink Family. At this time our operations and commitments were directed to that of a “complete full food service distributor” that still continues to this day. We offer a complete inventory of food service products…from straws to steaks and everything in between. Whether you have a coffee kiosk or a complete full-service restaurant, Valley Distributing will be able to fulfill your needs.

Valley Distributing serves and distributes throughout the state of Montana and Northern Wyoming with a continued focus on expansion to benefit our “Valued Customers”, existing as well as futuristic.

We look forward to the opportunity to establish a great partnership and business relationship that will benefit the growth and success of your business operations.

We travel state-wide throughout Montana, plus serve Northern Wyoming. Our 29,000 sq. ft. building was built in 2006 to accommodate our over 20 employees, growth and expansion within product lines, plus the growth of our valued customers.

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